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Aim to finish the packing today, apart from a few essentials in the kitchen and bathroom. You will feel so much better when you can see the end is finally in sight. “Don’t forget to clearly mark the boxes with the room name you would like them to end up in”.

Dismantle & Disconnect
Unless you have arranged with the removal company, you will be expected to dismantle any self-assembly furniture that cannot be moved out in one. Take down curtains and any fixtures you are intending to take with you. Make sure you have disconnected the washer and fitted the transit brackets to secure the drum. Defrosted the fridge / freezer unless you have arranged to have these moved with the food inside, if this is the case pack the contents into bags so they can be lifted out quickly.

Snack Box
Make up a box of refreshments for the next day, bearing in mind that your cooker may be disconnected or in the back of a removal van. Include tea, coffee, sugar etc, and the most important item of all the kettle, you will have
One day before moving day.
to keep the refreshments flowing as moving house is very thirsty work. A selection of cold drinks is also a good idea. Mark on the box “kettle things” or “brewing tackle” and it will be guaranteed to be last on, first off the van.

Toiletries Box
Make up a box in the bathroom and put in the toiletries that you aren’t using. Leave this box open to put in all the other toiletries tomorrow morning after everyone has got up and cleaned thier teeth, you can then seal it up.

Outside Items
Anything outside that you can move, try and put either inside the garage or in a dry place, there is nothing worse than putting soaking wet outside furniture into a removal van along with all your other furniture.

If you have difficulty parking outside your house, it could be a good idea to park your own car or cars outside so that your removal van will be able to park outside. Remember the van needs more room than its own length to manoeuvre.

Draw a Map
Sit down and either write out some directions or draw a plan on how to get to your new address, including a contact number. multimap is a good website for directions and maps.

Mobile phone
Make sure that your mobile phone is fully charged up for tomorrow, you are probably going to need it.

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