Packing, Loading, Unloading & More

When you hire a moving company or a mover to provide moving help, you want a professional and experienced mover that knows not only how to wrap, pack and lift your belongings into the truck but most importantly how to stack and secure them inside the truck. As most items get damaged during transportation due to poor packing and/ or stacking, it is just as important to stack your items and secure them in the truck as it is to pack them. For this reason alone you should hire a local ottawa mover that specializes in moving help. At Hire A Mover Ottawa we do not try to be anything and everything rather we focus on one thing alone and that is providing moving help to Ottawa residents and that is why we are best at what we do.
Full Service Moving
Hire A Mover provides full service local Ottawa Moving help as well as long distance moves from Ottawa to Montreal, Greater Toronto and cities in between.
Full Service Moving Includes labourers, Truck, Mileage, Gas, Dollies, Floor Runners, Mattress Covers, Wardrobe box, Tapes, Shrink Wrap and Moving Straps.

Loading & Unloading Help
Get loading and unloading help from our qualified movers. You rent the truck or PODS, we load the boxes and you save! Movers at Hire A Mover Ottawa are professional and on time!

Packing & Unpacking
Get packing and unpacking services from professional movers. Before you get your truck loaded, hire a couple of movers from Hire A Mover Ottawa to make your local or long distance move easier!

Moving Helper
Need to move appliances, re-arrange furniture or other heavy bulky items inside your home? Need someone to help you maneuver large items to or from your basement without damaging or scratching your walls and the item in question? You have come to the right place Hire A Mover Ottawa can provide you with moving help with all this and more. Let Hire A Mover Ottawa make it easier for you.

Moving Equipment Rental
Don’t have all the necessary equipment for a safe and successful? Not to worry, Hire A Mover Ottawa can provide all moving equipment at very competitive prices. You can rent appliance dollies, box dollies and furniture dollies and our movers will bring them along to make your move even easier.

Moving Equipment Purchase
Hire A Mover Ottawa can provide you with stretch wrap and/or moving blankets on the day of your move. Please make sure to request any of these items when you schedule your move and Hire A Mover will add charges to your final bill.