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Every reasonable effort is made to provide customers with all information that is relevant to the services and products provided by Hire A Mover. (hereafter Hire A Mover or the Company) and its partner companies, however the customer is responsible for informing themselves by reading these terms
and conditions of service in full and all other pertinent literature provided by Hire A Mover such as labor rates, surcharges, estimate, move preparation
literature, move protection literature etc. Indicating that you have read understood and agree to these terms and conditions of service is required and is done by signing the face of bill of lading. These terms and conditions of service constitute a legally binding contract between the "Company" and the "Customer".

1. Safety Boots and Removal Request:
Due to Government, Safety board and Insurance regulations, safety boots must be worn at all times. In accordance with these regulations, Hire A Mover staff are not permitted to remove their safety boots for ANY reason. All such requests by customers will be refused. If you fear damage to hardwood floors or carpet, please ensure that all trafic areas, including halls, stairs and rooms, are sufficiently covered with non-slip mats and/or carpet runners.
Please review carefully
Bed sheets are not an acceptable floor cover and customers will be asked to remove them prior to Hire A Mover comencing any work. If you are unable to make such arrangements please make sure that you request Hire A Mover for floor runners before the scheduled move. Please be advised extra charges will apply. If for any reason you did not make any arrangements before the scheduled move, Hire A Mover will not furnish any requests to remove their boots and any consequent damage to floors or carpet will be solely the customer's responsibility.

2. Liability of Company:
Release Rate Liability:
Our standard and economical option, offering minimal protection at no additional cost. Claims for damage are based on weight multiplied by 60 cents per pound. As Hire A Mover is not providing transportation services we are not liable for any loss or damage that might occur during transporation of your belongings. For example, if Hire A Mover would damage a 20-pound computer valued at $2,000, your settlement would not exceed $24.00. If you choose it, you must sign a specific part of the agreement that you are agreeing with the minimal protection. If for any reason no option is selected on the face of the bill of lading, Company’s responsibility is limited as per release rate liability. Hire A Mover only offers release rate liability as detailed above, we do not offer any other forms of coverage such as full value protection. Please arrange transit insurance with a third party provider.

3. Exceptions from Liability:
The Company shall not be liable for:
i). Loss, damage or delay to any of the goods described in the bill of lading caused by an act of God, the Queen’s or public enemies, riots, strikes, a defect or inherent vice in the goods, an act or default of the consignor, Owner or Customer, authority of law, quarantine or difference in weights of grain, seed or other commodities caused by natural shrinkage.
ii). Mechanical quality of any electronics or appliances
iii). Acoustical quality of any musical instruments
iv). Damage to articles made of press board, Particle board or wafer board or similar structured materials
v). Damage to glass, marble or similar materials in or part of articles being moved
vi). Damage caused by or due to peeling veneer of any sort
vii). Deterioration of any article due to aging, temperature, humidity or moisture
viii). Damage to electronics. All electronics are loaded and/or unloaded at owner’s risk.
ix). Items of extraordinary value including but not limited to Mortgage Papers, Legal Documents, Business Documents, Antique’s, Jewellery are moved and/or transported at owner’s risk.
x). Exterior cosmetic damage on unboxed merchandise caused by Company is consignor’s sole responsibility. Company does not take any responsibility what so ever on items that are unpacked or poorly packed. All unboxed or open items are mover and/or transported on Customer’s sole responsibility.
xi). Hire A Mover reserves the right to refuse to move items through passages or stariways with less than 3 inches clearance all around the walls/ceiling and the item in question. In agreeing to these terms and condition of service you are waiving any liability against Hire A Mover for damage that might occur to the passage, strairways, walls or the items in question during execution of such maneuvers.
xii). Hire A Mover is not responsible for any damage what so ever to the interior or exterior of the home.
xiii). Responsibility to use the proper packing methods and materials is the clients and owner packed cartons are covered only if there is visible damage to the carton.

4. Customer Responsibility:
Customer responsibility is the foundation of fast and quick move. It is the reasonability of the customer to make sure that.
I). All boxes are properly tapped and all bags are properly tied.
II). Hire A Mover recommends that double corrugated boxes are used. Please do not use used boxes from supermarkets etc.
III). All fragile items are properly wrapped to protect from any damage.
IV). All heavy items are evenly distributed through-out the Move, e.g. heavy books should line the bottom of a box followed by bulky light items, not all heavy books in one box.
V). There are no loose Items/Wires/Strings that could cause Injury to anyone in our Crew/ Yourself/ or others.
VI). All doors are held open, all passages or corridors are clear and any narrow doors are removed for easy access before the start of the scheduled move.
VII). There is proper parking for the move to commence.
VIII). The moving environment is hazardous! You must arrange to have children and pets elsewhere while your move is in progress. Only two adults excluding the moving crew should be present at the loading and unloading locations. Hire A Mover will refuse to commence work if you have young children and/or pets around at the loading or unloading location during the move. This downtime will be charged at the regular hourly rate.
IX). Hire A Mover is not responsible for any damage what so ever to the interior or exterior of the home during the move.
X). It is customer's responsibility to take measurements both of the Bulky/Heavy/Odd items and the respective access points at the origin and destination to make sure there is enough space for the said items to be moved in an appropriate and safe manner.

5. Cancellation and rescheduling of services:
I). A $35 administration fee is applied to each instance of the re-scheduling of a service.
II). All deposits made for booking your move are non-refundable.
III). If a booked move is cancelled before the scheduled moving date, a $35 administration fee will be charged in addition to the non-refundable deposit.
IV). Cancellation of service 48 hours prior the moving date or after the crew has been dispatched will result in the minimum charge for the reserved crew.

6. Payment:
I). Hire A Mover accepts cash only.
II). If an acceptable form of payment has not been arranged by the customer on the day of the move, the customer will be charged by the contracted hourly rate until acceptable payment is recieved by the Hire A Mover crew.
III). If payment is not rendered at the end of the move in one of the acceptable form of payment above the customer will be reponsible for all collection and/or legal costs incurred by Hire A Mover.
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